Why is it worth to choose a Major&Maker Smart Toilet? | Major&Maker

Healthier and more comfortable life

Major&Maker creates its technology to provide you and your family a more comfortable everyday life. All the functions of our products are specially designed for you and your loved ones – to ensure a better and healthy life. On examples of functions in our products: a heated seat will make you feel warm, so a cold board will no longer be a discomfort; an inductive sensor will open the lid when you put your foot on it; drying with warm air will replace unnecessary toilet paper, which is neither healthy nor environmentally friendly; blue night light will lead you to the toilet on a dark night, so you will not have to turn on the bright lights on your way to the toilet. These are just a few selected functions that our products provide.

Time for a major change, so take your first step
towards a healthy and comfortable life.

A more convenient and cleaner way to care for hygiene during pregnancy

Major&Maker intelligent solutions place great emphasis on ensuring 100% cleanliness for pregnant women and children. Our products are created to provide the greatest comfort in maintaining cleanliness. For this reason, especially for pregnant women, we designed the front washing function, which is intended only for women.
The front washing nozzle ensures the right position for women at regulated pressure and washing temperature.

All this makes washing a 100% guarantee of cleanliness and health for both mothers and their children.

For independence and comfort of the senior's life

Major&Maker guarantees a more comfortable and independent senior life. Many seniors are unable to stay clean after using normal bathrooms due to the restrictions caused by the aging process. Our smart toilets and toilets can help seniors to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. From washing to air drying, through the regulation of intelligent functions in terms of washing temperature, water pressure and washing position. With this intelligent washing experience, seniors can be as independent as they were when they were young.

This is a serious step in ensuring that our beloved senior
has a better and cleaner life.

For the convenience of the disabled

Major&Maker products provide exceptional convenience to people with disabilities. People with disabilities have many difficulties and may be dependent on other people when using the toilet. Thanks to our intelligent solutions used in toilets and toilets, people with disabilities can become independent in daily hygiene. From presence sensor to automatic mode, by adjusting the position of the nozzles and night lighting.

Thanks to Major&Maker products, the lives of people with disabilities become more independent in everyday life.

For a healthier gut

Our products have a big impact on the health of your intestines. Many people in modern society have hasty and bad eating habits that can cause many problems with the intestines and constipation. Lack of care in this regard means that the possibility of getting sick increases every day. Our intelligent toilets and toilets have the function of intensive natural washing with water, so they can solve the problem of constipation, which affects the condition of the intestines.

Using our products is the first step to becoming
a healthier and cleaner person.

A more ecological, nature-compatible lifestyle

Our company focuses on opportunities in a more ecological and energy-saving lifestyle. We want to encourage everyone to be environmentally friendly and save energy not only because it is popular, but because it is important in everyone’s life. Our smart toilets and toilet seats are the first step to achieving a healthier and greener lifestyle. Thanks to the water cleaning and air drying functions, you can free yourself from the need to use toilet paper. The use of water in cleaning is more efficient and less polluting. We are aware that water is very important in our environment, which is why our products not only save energy, but also save water.

Look wider and take the first step.