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Smart toilet seats – multifunctional solutions for your bathroom

Bidet toilet seats are practical and innovative solutions for your bathroom. With these products, you will ensure a proper level of hygiene for all family members, as well as healthier toilets every day. How do such solutions work, and why should you choose them for your household? 

Smart toilet seats, when connected to electricity and a water source, gain functions that prominently improve the quality and comfort of daily toilet use. They are installed in place of a classic toilet seat. Their biggest advantage is the possibility of front and rear washing. All you have to do is select the appropriate option on the panel on the side – spraying function or bidet

The stream of warm water will gently clean the most delicate parts of the body, ensuring a high degree of hygiene. The bidet nozzle, which directs the water stream, is fully adjustable. You can choose one of the available modes that will fully suit your needs. 

Among other things, the smart toilet seat is also equipped with an built-in air dryer, a self-cleaning nozzle, a system for heating the water and the seat, the possibility of illuminating the seat, or a special mode for washing little kids. As you can see it is a multifunctional solution that will improve the comfort of using the toilet. 

What is more, our models are equipped with a special air purifier that reduces unpleasant odors and a soft-close toilet seat. A panel with the ability to save your preferred setting is also a great option. 

If you opt to choose such a smart toilet seat, you will take care of a high level of hygiene and thus minimize the risk of at least intimate infections. This way you also show concern for nature. You use less cleaning agents and water and reduce the use of toilet paper almost to zero. 

Choose such a solution for your bathroom today, by picking one of the models available in our store! 

Do bidet toilet seats fit every toilet bowl? 

Smart toilet seats that you will find in our store fit most toilet bowls. However, to make sure that the model you choose will be suitable, be sure to read the compatibility description. You will find this information for all the products available in the store.  

Remember that in most cases the shape of the bowl as oval as possible is recommended. The spacing of the holes for mounting the board should be between 12-17,5 cm. Additional crucial parameters, depend on the model and you will find them in the product description. 

However, when choosing the bidet toilet seats you must provide a connection to the water source, as well as access to a socket. This is because the models are equipped with a spraying function, as well as a control panel and a heating function. The most important, however, is to connect them properly to the utilities. 

Modern Japanese toilet – the store where you will find the best solutions

If you care about modern solutions, are concerned for the environment, and have a high level of hygiene, a smart toilet seat should even be mandatory in your bathroom. The price of such a bathroom component is extremely affordable. However, the cost depends on the available functionalities, as well as the shape or the chosen model. In this store, you will currently find five different models to choose from. 

If you do not want to replace the entire toilet bowl, this solution is extremely beneficial. It provides you with almost the same level of usability, and on top of that it is a cheaper solution than the whole toilet. It is important to mention that you can certainly install the seat on your own – without having to forge tiles. 

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the products and choose the best smart toilet seat for you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, we are always ready to help! 

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