Smart Toilet Seat Model RUBINE

Our smart toilet seats are created with the combination of: best performance, high comfort and healthy experience.
Toilet seats from our brand are easy to assembly and they match to the majority toilet bowl models available on the market.
It is a small change for your toilet and a big change towards your healthy lifestyle.

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How does a smart toilet seat work?

The Major&Maker RUBINE smart toilet seat is a perfect example of a combination of a bidet and a toilet seat.
That is why the smart toilet seat has advanced features that will allow you to effectively combine both solutions.
The device is controlled using a remote control that allows you to select the program you are interested in. You can easily find the option just right for you, which you will set only once, because the remote control has a built-in memory of settings.

The RUBINE smart toilet seat and its assembly

Our products are designed to provide the greatest comfort at every stage.
Starting from the installation and ending with the free use of the seat and toilet. Thus, the bidet seat for the toilet is compatible with most oval toilet bowls having the appropriate size and spacing of fixing screws in the range of 12-18 cm.
The smart toilet seat is installed directly on the toilet bowl in place of a regular toilet seat and connected to a cold water supply and an electrical outlet.
The device has a built-in heating system that provides unlimited access to hot water with the ability to set the temperature and pressure of the washing water.
The heated seat not only provides a pleasant feeling, but also allows the body to relax and comfortably meet its biological needs.
In addition to washing programs, the device is equipped with, among other things, a warm air drying function, which allows you to do without toilet paper once and for all.
The built-in carbon filter actively and effectively absorbs unpleasant odors, thus increasing the comfort of use.

Major&Maker – perfect cleanliness at the touch of a button.

The Major&Maker company was established to create automatic bidets.

The Major&Maker toilet seat is the answer to an easier, more comfortable and healthier everyday toilet.

Our devices provide first-class cleanliness and effectiveness in taking care of hygiene and comfort for you and your family at the touch of a button.

The smart toilet seat is an optimal combination of effectiveness and comfort of use with simple, intuitive operation.

Major&Maker RUBINE smart toilet seat is a device from the premium category, which is currently one of the most technologically advanced electronic bidets available on the market.

Using the Major&Maker RUBINE smart toilet seat reduces the risk of bacterial infections of the intimate area.
Water is the purest and most effective natural agent for hygiene care of even the most delicate part of the body.
Thanks to the Major&Maker RUBINE smart toilet seat, you can easily take care of perfect hygiene for yourself and your loved ones.


  • Convenient and intuitive control using a remote control. Access to selected functions on the button panel on the side.
  • High-quality washing nozzle with two independent streams of washing water made of stainless steel, resistant to dirt and corrosion.
  • Self-cleaning function of the washing nozzle before and after washing.
  • Rear and front wash function using unlimited hot water (heating power: 1350W, water consumption 0.5l/min – 0.9l/min, temperature adjustment options: room temperature, 30°C, 35°C, 40°C).
  • Built-in 0.3L wash water tank to ensure stable water flow pressure.
  • The advanced capacitive-flow heating system guarantees instant heating and stable water temperature during washing.
  • An additional ceramic valve that protects the interior of the installation against limescale.
  • Automatic water change with fresh water every 72 hours.
  • Option to switch the nozzle’s operating mode (spot washing, massage, turbo mode with intense water pulsation, which supports the defecation process).
  • Possibility to adjust the level of water pressure intensity (4 adjustment options in the range of 0.08MPa – 0.75MPa).
  • Possibility to adjust the position of the nozzle tilt (4 adjustment options depending on your preferences).
  • Drying function (heating power: 200W, temperature adjustment options: room temperature, 45°C, 50°C, 55°C).
  • Baby wash mode (quick washing and drying with working parameters suitable for children).
  • Automatic mode (the whole cycle from washing to drying).
  • Heated seat (heating power: 50W, temperature adjustment options: room temperature, 30°C, 35°C, 40°C).
  • ECO mode for energy saving, in which the board and water are not heated while the sensor does not detect presence.
  • The toilet seat and lid have a fall buffer, thanks to which they can close slowly and silently.
  • The coating of the toilet seat and lid is made of high-quality ABS materials that are resistant to discoloration, bacteria settling, UV radiation and fire.
  • For the sake of long life, high-class electronic components were used, prepared for trouble-free operation for a period of 8 to 15 years.
  • The function of backlighting the inside of the earcup.
  • Attractive appearance, quality of materials used and a uniform coating that makes it easy to keep the device clean.


Product dimensions: 510x370x143mm
Seat hole dimensions: 300x204mm
Weight: 5kg
Control type: Remote + Simplified side panel



1. Remove the seat you are currently using


2. Install and adjust the mounting plate


3. Install the Major&Maker lid

Major&Maker’s smart toilet seat is very easy to install and consists of the following steps:

1. Attaching the toilet seat to the toilet bowl using the mounting plate and screws included

2. Connecting the smart toilet seat to the cold water supply using the valve and hose included in the set

3. Inserting the plug into the electrical socket


Model suggestions for well-matched wall-hung toilet bowls for Major&Maker Rubine and Crystal smart toilet seats:
• Cersanit Larga Oval K120-003
• Roca Nexo A34664L000
• Roca Gap Round A34H0N2000
• Koło Nova Pro Premium M33130000
• Koło Nova Pro Rimfree M33120000
• Rak Ceramics Resort
Model suggestions for well-matched WC compacts for Major&Maker Rubine and Crystal smart toilet seats:

• Kompakt WC Villeroy & Boch Architectura 56861001
• Kompakt WC Villeroy & Boch O.Novo Vita 4620R001
• Kompakt WC Massi Decos MSK-2673ADU
• Kompakt WC GoodHome Cavally
• Kompakt WC Compacta Sensea

Parameters that a toilet bowl should meet to be compatible with Major&Maker Rubine and Crystal toilet seats:
– Spacing of holes in the bowl for mounting the seat: 12 – 17.5 cm
– Length from the front edge of the bowl to the end of the bowl hole: minimum 37 cm
– Length from the front edge of the bowl to the mounting holes: 42.5 – 47.5 cm
– Length of the top flat surface of the bowl: minimum 50.5 cm
– Width of the toilet bowl: 35.5 – 36 cm
– Bowl as oval as possible


Diagram showing the correct dimensions of the toilet bowl, compatible with the models of Rubine and Crystal toilet seats:

kompatybilność Major&Maker 290A Crystal, 290B Rubine
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